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GS-115 A Beautiful Teacher Who Intensely Knocks A Door Of A Male Toilet Where I Have A Skill Class. ’dangerous! ’I Felt Breath I Heard It Is A Weak Voice Whose Always Beautiful Beauty Teacher ’It Is Impossible, Leaks …’.Teacher Who Opens His Doors Reluctantly To Make It In Time.

GS-115 授業をサボる僕がいる男子トイレの個室ドアを猛ノックする美人教師!「やばい!」と息をひそめる僕に聴こえて来たのはいつも気の強い美人教師の「もう無理、漏れちゃう…」という弱弱しい声。しぶしぶドアを開けるも間に合わずお漏らししてしまう先生…。


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