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SDNM-195_C Sasaki Aki 39-year-old Retired Work The Figure As The Last AV Actress ’I / Return To The Ordinary Housewife …’ From The Actress To The Face Of The Housewife / Return To The Face Of The Mom Last Immersive To SEX Until 1 Second Ago / Ran Through Again Sex Spring Completely Takes Down Last SEXAndWorks Reflecting On Past Tracks 8 Hours 2 Disc

SDNM-195_C 佐々木あき 39歳 引退作 最後のAV女優としての姿「私/普通の主婦に戻ります…」女優から主婦の顔/ママの顔に戻る最後の最後/1秒前までSEXに没頭 もう一度/駆け抜けた性春 完全撮り下ろしラストSEX&これまでの軌跡を振り返る作品集も収録 8時間2枚組


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