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GS-239 In A Lonely Life Of A Single And Living Alone, Cute Girls Who Often See In Apartments.However, My Voice Is Too Small For Me.One Day, When I Was Drunk And Fell Down In Front Of My House … That Pretty Little Girl Cried Out And Gave Me A Hospital! What?Moreover, They Carried Me To The Room And Took Care Of Me! !

GS-239 独身で1人暮らしの寂しい生活の中、マンションでよく見かけるソソる可愛い女子。だけど声もかけれず小心者過ぎるボク。そんなある日、泥酔して自宅前で倒れていると…可愛いあの子が声をかけてきて介抱してくれた!?しかも部屋まで運んでくれてお世話までしてくれた!!


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